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 JUNE 26-30, 2023 | JULY 3-7, 2023




Such an exciting way to share the gospel. Great atmosphere created.

Pastor Tiffany Roberts.
West Rome Baptist Church


We get to touch loves and reach our children and community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Winshape is a great organization to work with. The call it the ,’Best week ever! ‘ It really is one of the best run camps I have ever seen. We work with other churches and businesses in the community to make this happen.
So many don’t have the opportunity to go to camp, this is a blessing for our community. 

Pastor Mac McCurry
Pleasant Valley North Baptist Church


This is an exceptional camp to send your kids to. What they do is top notch, they are well trained, your kids are going to have an amazing time. Sometimes it’s not possible to be able to send our kids to an overnight camp; this costs so much less but it’s a great value and they are with people who really care about them. 10 years from now, the kids won’t remember every single activity but they will remember how they felt. Loved.

Pastor Stephen Daniel
Associate Pastor at Cornerstone Church and camp parent

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