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Beginning in 2016, two churches in the Rome area partnered with the WinShape Foundation to bring a week long day camp experience to the children of Northwest Georgia.  In the years since that partnership began, both the number of partnering churches and children attending camp have grown steadily.  The decision was made in late 2018 to form Rome Community Camps to more efficiently maintain communication between churches while also providing a central entity to perform tasks directly related to administering day camps. 


Rome Community Camps is a nonprofit incorporation that is a partnership of churches in Northwest Georgia.  Our mission is to provide children with summer day camp experiences that promote a knowledge and belief of Jesus Christ in a safe, nurturing environment where fellowship and cooperation leads to the development of a spiritual foundation in every child that attends.

This mission is fulfilled through a four- point vision that includes promoting evangelism, discipleship and fellowship in a safe environment that becomes a refuge for many children. 


Moving into the future, Rome Community Camps will look to expand to include more partnering churches, reach more children, and offer more options for summer day camp experiences.





Chick-fil-A Relationship

WinShape Camps began in 1985 with one man's dream to shape tomorrow's leaders. Chick-fil-A's founder, S. Truett Cathy, put his dream into motion by creating a camp experience that was focused on challenging young people physically and spiritually. Now, decades later, that dream continues to shape young people through summer camps that are out of this world.

In 2008, WinShape Camps for Communities launched. The values and vision of WinShape Camps can now be shared with children and their families through day camps held in local communities across the country.

At WinShape Camps, we are in relentless pursuit of the ultimate camp experience; one that challenges campers to sharpen their character, grow in their relationships, and deepen their faith.

Leadership Team


Eric Hall


Matthew Myers


Tracie Hall


Dawn  Therber


Pearl Daniel


Stephen Daniel


Ryan Matherly


Tiffany Roberts


Diane Sarratt


Amanda Whisenhunt

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